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Web technologies

This is a list of web technologies talks that I’ve created, do contact me for more details or if you want to have a custom talk made.

Introduction to GraphQL

GraphQL is an exciting alternative to REST APIs. In this presentation I will go into, among other things: 

  • Why GraphQL is needed and what the difference is to REST-based APIs 
  • How we can create queries easily via the interactive GraphiQL query tool 
  • How different companies use GraphQL today 
  • What it can look like when implementing GraphQL in an ASP.NET Core application 
  • What is the future of GraphQL?

Introduction to gRPC

gRPC is one of many protocols for doing service-to-service communication, and in this seminar we will give you an introduction to gRPC and how it works with .NET. This talk assumes you have attended the Introduction to HTTP/2 talk.

Introduction to HTTP/2

This is an introduction to HTTP/2, where we will look at how it works under the hood, what opportunities it gives us as a developer and how HTTP/2 coexists with HTTP/1.1.

OpenAPI/Swagger introduction

OpenAPI (Swagger) is a standard for describing REST APIs. In this presentation we will introduce you to OpenAPI and how it can revolutionize and streamline your API projects as well as its possibilities.


An introduction to WebAssembly and how this can revolutionize how we develop web solutions in the future when we can run, for example, C/C++/.NET directly in the browser.

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About the trainer

My name is Tore Nestenius and I have worked as a professional trainer since 2012. I have taught both on-premise at our customers and through various training companies in the Nordic countries, including: