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OpenID Connect

This is a list of OpenID Connect talks that I’ve created, do contact me for more details or if you want to have a custom talk made.

Demystifying authentication in ASP.NET Core

Authentication in ASP.NET Core is a complex beast with many concepts and moving parts. In this session, I will clarify how authentication in ASP.NET Core works and explain the key concepts including schemas, handlers, ClaimsPrincipal, claims, challenges, session cookies, and more. Expect a hands-on and a deep dive into the world of authentication.

AddJwtBearer - deep dive

Most use the JwtBearer authentication handler in ASP.NET Core to secure our APIs. But what does it actually do? What makes it tick? What security and reliability considerations should we be aware of when we go to production? And finally, are there any changes in .NET 8? In this presentation, we will try to bring clarity to these questions.

Introduction to OAuth/OpenID-connect

Token-based security is an area that can be very complex, with its many different standards and concepts. In this seminar I will introduce what OpenID Connect is all about. We will address, among other things: 

  • Where are our security challenges in modern software architectures? 
  • Why do we need OAuth/OpenID Connect?
  • What are tokens and what different tokens are there? 
  • What are scopes and claims? 
  • What flows are there in OpenID Connect?

OpenID Connect and ASP.NET Core

In this part, we look at how we can apply OpenID Connect in an ASP.NET Core environment and together with IdentityServer to secure an MVC application and API.

This talk is a continuation of the Introduction to OAuth/OpenID Connect talk. We address, among other things: 

  • How is authentication and authorization implemented in ASP.NET Core?
  • How to secure an ASP.NET Core MVC and API application using OpenID Connect
  • What is IdentityServer and how can we use it in our architecture?

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About the trainer

My name is Tore Nestenius and I have worked as a professional trainer since 2012. I have taught both on-premise at our customers and through various training companies in the Nordic countries, including: