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This is a list of observability-related talks that I’ve created, do contact me for more details or if you want to have a custom talk made.

ASP.NET Core observability - From health to tracing

Being able to observe your ASP.NET Core services in production effectively is crucial if you want to get a complete picture of the health and activity of your system.

In this session, I will give you an overview of the four pillars of observability: logging, metrics, tracing, and health.

Expect a session with plenty of hands-on demonstrations where we will be using some of the popular observability tools and how we can integrate them in ASP.NET Core.

From metrics to traces

How do we monitor and observe our services in production? In this talk we will give you an introduction to the four pillars of observability and what benefit each one provides. We will talk about metrics, logging, traces and health, and why we should consider all of them in our architecture.

OpenTelemetry introduction

OpenTelemetry is a standard that allows you to instrument and collect telemetry data (metrics, logs, and traces) for analysis in order to understand your software’s performance and behavior. In this talk you will get an introduction to the tracing part of this standard. Live examples will be made using .NET.

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About the trainer

My name is Tore Nestenius and I have worked as a professional trainer since 2012. I have taught both on-premise at our customers and through various training companies in the Nordic countries, including: