IdentityServer in Production

This course continues where our popular course Securing ASP.NET using OpenID Connect and IdentityServer ended, with a clear focus on getting a complete IdentityServer architecture up and running in a real live production environment. You will learn how to avoid many of the pitfalls and gotchas involved when you start your deployment journey.

When we say that this course is about deploying to production, we really mean it. In this course we will deploy the services that we create to the public internet, using things like real TLS certificates and automatic build/deploy.

The solution that you will deploy live contains a client, an API and a fully configured IdentityServer. We are especially proud that we don’t cheat or cut corners in this course.

Instead we will, for example:

  • Store configuration data in a separate configuration service
  • Log to a separate logging server for analytics and visualization
  • Use real HTTPS certificates
  • Create our own signing keys
  • Use continuous deployment to deploy our services

This very hands-on course contains an extensive set of exercises that will take you through all the steps involved to create a successful identity solution.

Target audience

Developers who want to learn step-by-step how to deploy an IdentityServer solution to the public internet in a secure way. If you are using version 4.x of IdentityServer, then this course is still very relevant as most concepts in this course are the same between version 4.x and 5.x, which we use in this course.



3 days. This course can either be delivered over 3 full days or 6 half days.

Practical information

Some practical details that can be good to know:

  • We recommend that you have a good laptop that can run multiple instances of Visual Studio and at least one big monitor for optimal course experience
  • In this course we use ASP.NET Core 5.x and IdentityServer 5.x
  • All course materials are written in English
  • The course can be taught in either Swedish or English
  • Even though the course deals with the cloud and containers, it is not the focus of this course and no cloud/container experience is needed


In this course we will cover:

  • Configuration
  • HTTPS certificates
  • Security
  • Logging
  • Duende IdentityServer v5.x
  • Error handling
  • Securing the client
  • Data protection API
  • Public/Private key encryption
  • Keys, certificates and PKCS 12 files
  • Creating JWT signing keys using OpenSSL
  • Token signing keys
  • IdentityServer and the database
  • User management
  • Tokens and claims
  • Securing the API
  • Consuming the API
  • Refresh tokens
  • Extending IdentityServer
  • Performance and service resiliency
  • Troubleshooting IdentityServer

And much more…

IdentityServer in Production

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3 days or 6 half days


English, Swedish

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Training FAQs

Do you provide both on-site and remote training classes?

Yes, we provide both types of training.

Do you provide training in both Swedish and English?

Yes, both options are available. All our course materials are in English and we can teach the class in either Swedish or English.

Do you do half-day training?

When we run on-site, we usually do full-day classes. For remote training, we can provide options for both half and full days.

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Yes, please visit our Talks page for more details.

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