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C# Introduction

This course is crafted to guide software developers, like you, who are eager to dive into C# programming, regardless of your background in other object-oriented languages. Our journey begins with the essentials and steadily advances through the core aspects of C#, ensuring a solid foundation upon which you can build your expertise.

This is a dynamic and interactive course designed to introduce you to the C# programming language and its robust environment. Over the span of 3 days, or 6 half-days, depending on your preference, this course will immerse you in the fundamentals of C#, coupled with practical applications, to provide a thorough understanding of the language and its capabilities.

Target audience

Software developers eager to begin their journey in C# programming on the .NET platform. Whether you’re switching from another object-oriented language or enhancing your programming skills, this course is tailored to fit your needs.


We welcome participants with existing programming experience in any object-oriented language. Prior knowledge of C#, .NET, or Visual Studio is not required, as this course is designed to build your understanding from the ground up.

Course Format

The course features a balanced mix of presentations, demonstrations, and practical hands-on exercises that empower attendees to grasp the theoretical concepts and practically apply them.


3 days. This course can either be delivered over 3 full days or 6 half days.


Throughout our engaging sessions, we will explore:

Part 1

  • Hello World
  • Working with chars and strings
  • Data types & operators
  • Flow Control
  • Arrays & Loops
  • Methods & Classes
  • Enum
  • DateTime

Part 2

  • The .NET ecosystem
  • Visual Studio
  • Classes
  • Fields and properties
  • Namespaces
  • Error handling and exceptions

Part 3

  • Creating objects and the constructor
  • Static
  • Generic Collections
  • Composition
  • Inheritance – part 1
  • Inheritance – part 2
  • Interface

and much more…

C# Introduction

Article SKU

3 days or 6 half days


English, Swedish

Contact me for a price enquiry or to submit interest.

Training FAQs

Do you provide both on-site and remote training classes?

Yes, we provide both types of training.

Do you provide training in both Swedish and English?

Yes, both options are available. All our course materials are in English and we can teach the class in either Swedish or English.

Do you do half-day training?

When we run on-site, we usually do full-day classes. For remote training, we can provide options for both half and full days.

Do you do webinars and shorter talks?

Yes, please visit our Talks page for more details.

Do you provide customized courses?

Yes we do that. Contact me for more information.