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ASP.NET Core observability (Coming soon)

Being able to observe your services in production effectively is crucial if you want to get a complete picture of the health and activity of your system. This course provides a hands-on foundation to successfully implement observability of your ASP.NET Core services in production.

You will learn:

  • How to collect and implement logging, tracing, metrics and health
  • How to analyze and interpret the results
  • Tools to explore the logs and tracing data
  • How to build dashboards to analyze the metrics in Grafana
  • And much more…

In this course, you will not only develop locally, but you will also push the code live to the cloud to allow you to experience the reality of observing services in production.

Software and equipment:

This course contains plenty of hands-on practical exercises where you will learn how to work with ASP.NET Core and prepare it for production. 

In this course, we use Visual Studio 2022, C#, and ASP.NET Core (.NET 6), and we recommend that you have a good computer that can run multiple instances of Visual Studio and at least one big monitor.


Basic knowledge of:

  • ASP.NET Core (Similar to our ASP.NET Core fundamentals course)
  • C# (LINQ and Lambda expressions…)
  • The HTTP(s)-protocol and how the web works in general


2 days. This course can be delivered over 2 full days or 4 half days.


In this course we will cover:

  • Logging
    • Logging using Serilog
    • Logging best practices
    • Sending logs to Grafana Loki
    • Working with log data in Grafana
  • Health
    • Exposing the health endpoint
  • Metrics
    • Implementing metrics
    • Counters
    • Gauges
    • Histograms
    • Prometheus
    • Grafana
  • Tracing
    • OpenTelemetry
    • Tracing in .NET
    • Configuration
    • Exporting data
    • Jaeger
    • Sampling
    • Processors

And much more…

ASP.NET Core observability (Coming soon)

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2 days or 4 half days


English, Swedish

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Training FAQs

Do you provide both on-site and remote training classes?

Yes, we provide both types of training.

Do you provide training in both Swedish and English?

Yes, both options are available. All our course materials are in English and we can teach the class in either Swedish or English.

Do you do half-day training?

When we run on-site, we usually do full-day classes. For remote training, we can provide options for both half and full days.

Do you do webinars and shorter talks?

Yes, please visit our Talks page for more details.

Do you provide customized courses?

Yes we do that. Contact me for more information.